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Deaf Resources @ your library is the new subtitle effective July 1, 2008. Previous subtitle was Deaf Awareness Begins @ your library

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THE RED NOTEBOOK is in the form of a customized 3-ring "view" white binder which includes:  (1) The Red Notebook: Deaf Resources @ your library poster for front cover;  (2) Welcome page; (3) Directions  (4) Eight index dividers (8 sections)

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M.A.I.L Section
Issues: Nonprofit, membership organizations (a total of 20 pages)
I Helped Make America Great, including a poster of Thomas H. Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc on the ship in 1816; Chapter National Association of the Deaf, including a poster of Laurent Clerc profile in 1830s and Chapter Maryland Association of the Deaf, including a poster of George Veditz profile in 1910s 1

Library Section
Two Posters: Deaf America Reads and Deaf History Month 2
Program Planning Suggestions: "One Book" Deaf America Reads
Diversity Section
American Deaf Culture Within Five Cultures

Key Contacts
Four Directories @ your library
1 Illustrated by Ruth E. Peterson   Credit to FOLDA
2 Designed by Lois Hoover   Credit to National Literary Society of the Deaf
  All posters come in size  8 ½" x 11"

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