Three Generations

US: May is Older Americans Month – annually proclaimed by the US President

There are currently 35 million seniors over the age of 65 (US Census Bureau 2000). Allan M. Kleiman, a delegate to the 2005 White House Conference on Aging (December 11-14), was among the many speakers at the 2007 American Library Association. On aging, he said there are three generations of seniors that are now living in our country, and that also mean each interest group has three different backgrounds and perspectives. 

Hence, deaf people as an interest group are made up of three generations in the aging community.  Is there any study on such group?  If so, please let FOLDA know.  ahagemeyer@gmail.com

US: Library Resources
American Library Association www.ala.org
Reference and User Services Association: Guidelines for Library Services to Older Adults  
Office of Outreach Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS)
OLOS resources include services that are inclusive of traditional under served populations, including people generally discriminated against based on age, language, disabilities, and others.

US: Conferences
Deaf Seniors Section of the National Association of the Deaf will meet in New Orleans during the week of the NAD's 49 Biennial Conference, July 7-11, 2008.
Deaf Seniors of America (DSA) will meet June 19-28, 2009, in Las Vegas, NV.  www.dsa2009.us