US: Deaf Prison Ministries Network  www.deafprison.org
A new national program for deaf prisoners and ex-prisoners and who use sign language as well as for their families   The Healing Hands Ranch facility is located nine miles west of Willis, Texas, and 25 miles from where the largest population of deaf inmates in America is housed.  It is estimated that six to ten thousand deaf people are incarcerated in America.  Many of them are denied early release on parole because there is no re-entry. They are also often denied inclusion in prison programs because of the lack of deaf services.  The average deaf inmate reads at a second grade level or lowers in English. 

Healing Hands Ranch www.healinghandsranch.org is the first halfway house exclusively for deaf ex-offenders nationwide

Its program includes education and GED completion; Biblical training in morals and ethic; Life skills training; Mentoring: Addiction rehabilitation; and On-site job training opportunities.

US: American Library Association has a forum called Library Services to Prisoners.